Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation in

Accounts Payable -

Reconify reduces costs by up to 50%

Developed by Accountants for Accountants, with 15 years of expertise, Reconify is there to help get the job done.

Using an AI model to ingest documents which allows the process to start immediately with no training of data. Documents (invoices, Statements, Credit Notes, POD, GRN) are brought directly into the system and for AP, are either written into the Purchase Ledger or routed according to the required process. From ingestion to reconciliation and payment, Reconify does it all.

During ingestion we follow an intelligent process to check for:

  • Duplication
  • Fraud
  • PO
  • GRN
  • POD
Reconify software applies matching principles and we can apply up to ten criteria before an invoice is paid. 
This eliminates error and saves a lot of time. Invoice processing is typically taken from 3 weeks to a day or two depending on how it is implemented. 
No more paper moving around in an unstructured way. So the saving is in conversion to electronic process and intelligent processing. 


Automate routine operations across your entire company and unlock your latent potential. Create structured workflows and enjoy better data quality eliminating human error and focusing on higher priority, value-added functions. Reduce costly resources that can be allocated more strategically and increase efficiency.

Cost Reduction

With automation, administration is streamlined and the ability for them to be managing in a distributed fashion while the automation of checking against security flaws, Purchase order amounts and approvals are taken care of automatically according to a set business rules.


Speed up your processes by simplifying and digitizing in order improve production quality with error free operations. Process time is reduced by up to 90%.


Automation works around the clock 24/7/365, freeing up your time. Put your work on autopilot Focus on value-add activities that enable you to go above and beyond customer expectations.


Personnel are freed up to focus on more valuable activities such as data interpretation, decision making support, customer service and business development.Robotic process automation (RPA) is best suited to automate work processes that are manually-intensive, repetitive and susceptible to a large number of human errors.