ISN is a premier provider of telecommunications connectivity solutions to clients across the world.

We offer a full range of solutions, priding ourselves in quality, reliability and service excellence. We are trusted by many of Africa’s largest corporates to handle their mission critical connectivity requirements.

Connectivity, latency and network architecture are paramount in our Indicators that go to providing a great network.

Quality of Service, redundancy and Security are what we strive to manage in order to ensure the business keeps running.

From small branches to large corporate headquarters and then connectivity to cloud via VPN or express route we have it all. At ISN we like to live your business. Making sure we provide for all the layers relating to keeping the business running.

A dedicated Solutions Architect will be on hand to understand the nature of your existing solution, and the elements that can be used to form a new, converged solution in the following vertical industries:

Our goal is to maximize your business process efficiency by harnessing the best connectivity technology available.

Speed, bandwidth, latency, Quality of Service, Redundancy, Backup and Disaster Recovery are paramount in the process of Service Delivery at ISN.