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Founded in 1999 ISN is a leading, independent provider of outsourced management and administrative services to support the objectives and align with business.

Our IT Services provide clients looking to setup and support operations with outsourced solutions in procurement, infrastructure build and ongoing operational support.

ISN’s IT services are delivered with business fundamentals in mind and an ability to meet our clients’ prescribed IT standards. Our service includes consulting, cloud and data hosting solutions.

What we do


Data Exchange forms the fundamental foundation of any organization. It starts with good reliable connectivity with backup systems to step in when required, allowing systems to remain interconnected. This connectivity lies at the core of the ISN solution provision.

Teams and Telephony

Our PBX technology integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams enabling Voice calling to Cell phones and Land Lines, as well as the full functionality of the Teams collaboration providing a true unified platform to maximize user productivity.

IT Security

We ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information by protecting against malicious threats and vulnerabilities through hacking, malware, cyberattacks, ransomware and others by implementing key components of IT Security that are managed so your business can flow.

Network and System downtime

Our ITIL Helpdesk is on standby together with top level Support staff to attend to outages and limit any impact.

Hardware Procurement

Our trained sales people are there to provide best of breed when it comes to hardware advise and procurement.

Business Process Automation

From basic document management to complete HR systems process, Accounts payable, auto reconciliation, auto detection of duplication, VAT allocation to help limit error, help cashflow through effective management of people and process.


ISN provide business solutions. We host servers which encompass all requirements required by business to succeed in their quest to offer their customers a sound platform. We use the Microsoft Azure network to provide the layers necessary to maximize the criteria required to succeed in providing services to customers and the industry.

IT Support

We do Desktop Support, Network Support, DB Support, Application Support, Security Support. We also do RMM using state of the art software to manage the networks, infrastructure and hardware.

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